Monday, April 4, 2016

I Don’t Care if Clinton Gets the Nomination: She Does NOT Get My Vote

Hillary Clinton holds a relatively slim lead over Bernie Sanders in the number of pledged delegates. She is walloping him when it comes to superdelegates. Because of this, the Clinton camp is calling for Sanders to throw in the towel and for his supporters to get behind Clinton. They claim that the sooner the Democratic Party unifies, the better chance they will have at beating the Republican candidate. Of course, there is no evidence for this.

I’m just one of many people who will not vote for Clinton if she gets the nomination. My story may be unique, but from talking to others, I think there is a significant subsection of Sanders supporters who feel the same way I do. Here’s my story:

Above All Else, I Am an Independent

I have never pledged an affiliation with either of the major political parties because it’s plain to see that they’re both about serving their corporate overlords. Sure, there’s some window dressing on social issues (e.g., abortion, gun control, gay marriage, etc.) that makes it look like we have a choice, but if we look at the money trail and the candidates’ track records, we can see the same puppet master pulling the strings for both parties. This is why I have never voted for a major party candidate for president. In fact, I have only ever voted for Nader! <ducks to narrowly avoid the projectile shoe>

Leave me out of this.

For as long as I have paid attention to politics (at least a dozen years), I have admired Sanders from afar. Not only is he an independent, but he doesn’t engage in political doublespeak. So, when he announced his candidacy, I immediately re-registered as a Democrat to vote in the closed primaries in Oregon. And, after the primaries, I plan on re-registering again as an independent. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Sanders ditch the Dems after the general election.

So, in summary, Clinton is a rank-and-file Democrat. Her record and money trail make that clear. Why would I vote for that?

“But President Donald Trump!”

The DNC loves to use fear tactics to get us to vote for their milquetoast corporate lackey. As a Nader voter, I’ve heard it all before. The argument goes that if we don’t get behind the crappy Democratic nominee, then the Republican nominee will win and destroy the world. For instance, Nader supposedly stole the election from Gore and led to Bush destroying the world. Of course, they neglected to notice what a great job of that President Bill Clinton did (see NAFTA and other “great” policy decisions).

We're led to believe that this is what will result from a Trump presidency.

I have a conscience and cannot vote for a candidate that I don’t care for. I think our political system would be much better off if we all did the same.

On the more doom-and-gloom side of things, let’s say that Trump does somehow become president because Clinton didn’t get my vote. Let’s say that the corporate puppet masters don’t convince him to get in line. There are a couple things that could happen if things truly get out of hand:
  1. He will be assassinated.
  2. Things will get so bad that people finally turn off their Netflix, sporting events, video games, and other distractions and organize in revolt.

There are many “ifs” in there before any of this would happen. But, the propaganda to get Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton is built on ifs. Don’t fall for it.

What are your thoughts?

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